Don't have time for a full-blown class?

By growing our emotional intelligence (aka, our people skills) we make our interactions better—much better.

EI for the Regular Guy will help your people:

  • Form stronger, healthier relationships.
  • Resolve conflict faster.
  • Communicate more effectively.
  • Improve their confidence and conviction.
  • Handle change better.
  • Navigate challenging situations with ease.
  • Better anticipate customer and co-worker needs.
  • Effectively and efficiently solve problems.


Let’s take a look at how…

All-inclusive training

EI for the Regular Guy is blended-learning that meets the development needs of smart, fast-paced companies.
  1. Your participants start by reading a highly engaging self-paced ebook complete with links to supporting videos and packed with imagery and illustration. Total time for this? 30 minutes max.
  2. Next, they work through a series of application assignments to begin practicing what they’ve already picked up in the ebook. The total time for these assignments may vary, but will typically take around an hour.
  3. Once everyone is up to speed on the basics of emotional intelligence, participants attend a one-day, highly interactive instructor-led event – facilitated by you.

Training that everyone can get

EI for the Regular Guy reaches a broader audience by using a design approach and writing style that is conversational, to the point, and even amusing. The course speaks to the average person the way the average person speaks in real life. This makes the training relatable and impactful, allowing participants to easily absorb the concepts and grow their emotional intelligence.

An in-class event with some life to it

The in-class event is full of energy and heavy on activity. The day is built around minimal lecture interspersed between opportunities to demonstrate EI concepts. By spending most of the day in application mode, participants sharpen their EI skills and improve their ability to strengthen relationships with other people.

An action plan to ensure EI success

The participant materials act as sustainable reference guides that include important pieces of information and give space for recording personal insights. The action planning connects the concepts to the individual on a more personal level. Throughout the in-class event, participants get opportunities to customize the tools and techniques to align with their own EI needs and goals. This supports participants’ emotional intelligence development beyond the training experience.

An EI experience that keeps facilitators top-of-mind

The materials are designed to support a novice facilitator, as well as more experienced trainers. For the novice, the materials include special tips, suggestions, back-up plans, watch-outs and much more. Experienced facilitators get that stuff, but they also have the option to teach from shortened section outlines that skip those extras.